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It felt real good. And every now and then touched my body and as I did not object took more liberties and kissed me with his paan stained mouth on my lips. Before lunch he called me and gave me an address and asked me to go and get myself some sandals. Dc told my husband that I was very efficient in my work. Dc told my husband to keep my jewelry and high heels on. Dc left the company and I joined him in his new office. He was hard within no time and his cock was like a steel bar. I told him that I wanted to stitch a choli and he took me inside to the measuring room. Dcs large prick hurt my ass at first, but later I begged him to fuck my ass harder.

Christina aguilera sex tape free sample

As his pyjamas fell I noted that his pyjamas were not very clean. My husband then undressed me and asked me to stand naked before him. At least I have not thought about it so far. I asked my husband to remove my clothes as Dc watched. The idea of me getting fucked by Dc was now deep-rooted in my husbands mind and that made him fuck me with newfound lust. But now since the ice is broken let me tell you that I love to see you sexually happy. For Saturday, my husband gave the instructions. He told me that I was only to wear high heels in the office. I looked at his crotch and could see sizeable bulge. He mentioned that the sari paloo must be kept loose and not pinned up and the sari should be tied very tight around the ass. The office was big with a separate cabin for Dc and a small cabin for me and one big room in which he was planning to make the general office. After a few years of working, we found that the owners of the company had decided to sell the company and we found that our top boss was a young energetic man by the name of Dc. Looking at them made me wet. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at him and I knew he liked what I wore. As usual it was to be tied tightly around the ass and to put on all my jewelry and mangalsutra. Looking at me rubbing myself made him very hard and he came near me and asked me to hold his lund while I rubbed my choot. He then gave me a description of the cholis and I told him that with something that low my tits might just fall out. Finally I jacked off both the men and they both came on my face and tits. He always looked happy and joyful. He said no matter and gave me some money to do the purchases. We all chatted, specially my husband and Dc. The next morning before going to work , he fucked me again and told me it was okay to work for Dc and he did not mind me wearing revealing clothes to work, once again. I maintain my figure with regular exercise and managed to retain my stats 38 — 26 — It was Green sari blouse with a very deep neckline. I decided to give him a good show.

Christina aguilera sex tape free sample

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  1. When customers came I bent over to show off my tits and let my paloo drop so that they could see my cleavage. He took my hand and put it inside his dhoti and made me fondle his prick.

  2. I observed that the sethji was more interested in me than the sarees. When customers came I bent over to show off my tits and let my paloo drop so that they could see my cleavage.

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