Free sex stories involving body modification

This piercing when used during penetrative sex can enhance pleasure by massaging the bulbous and smooth end of the piercing against the g-spot or p-spot. Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. It was made of polished silver and covered me like a pair of underpants. However, that is for later. I wrote this story for the stuck enthusiasts on sticky-site, and while I'm indifferent to this kink myself, it was a pleasure to write more about the tragic Kerinkov family. Seconds later I had blacked out again.

Free sex stories involving body modification

I turned around to see my father and the maid standing on the pavilion, silently. I was restrained, of course, with chastity belt, gloves, and ankles tied, but she was not and she would explore my bare skin with her hands, whilst her tongue explored my mouth and I gasped silently in ecstasy. However, it should be noted thst the pearls are considered permanent, with surgical removal the only way to safely remove them. The ribbed icicles glass dildo is an excellent example of the firm ridges that would be experienced with penile implants. Help me, bro, this is hell! Turns out he already had reason enough. Consequently, your hair will be removed over a period of several days as to not put too much stress on your system. You will be punished whenever you try to leave or whenever I feel it is necessary. These were neither interesting nor educational, absolutely nothing like my school in Cali. However, that is for later. There will be no speak of false western idols in my home! Restricted and silent, a songless bird in a gilded cage. But all the emphasis on tradition just puzzled me. And that measurement will extend a good 7 inches from just below your ribcage to just above your waist, providing a very sexy look while always giving you a good deal of discomfort. It was made of polished silver and covered me like a pair of underpants. Similar treatment was conducted on her brows and lashes. If you like transgender femdom fiction then fictionmania is the place to go. The quality tends to vary pretty dramatically, but there are some real gems to be found. I was then taken to the bed and my wrists chained to the posts and there I waited. Hmm… Nothing else seemed different. A corset will reduce your waist beyond belief. That evening I slept with her for one last time and then put her to sleep using the same tea draught that I had used when we first wed. Pain relishes sissies, and has two such slaves of his own. He informed me he had a list of things Mistress Evil required, but he was free to surprise Mistress Evil with any and all additional modifications to my body, You will of course need to be securely attached to the operating table as all procedures are performed without the benefit of anesthesia. You would never get through the metal detectors. I often gaze upon her staring mindlessly into space whilst Mi-Kyung or some other gisaeng sucks me off to ecstasy. It was an unsurprisingly large place for Dad but, weirdly, it was built in a very traditional style, like super old fashioned like some sort of Buddhist temple with a walled compound and large pavilions and stuff.

Free sex stories involving body modification

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