Should same sex couples be allowed to adopt

Society bombards us with heterosexuality as the norm, but yet we still have gay people. This is one area in which Homosexual people are not capable of achieving the same outcome as heterosexual people. Children who need adoption are already at a disadvantage, do they need to question their "family" unit as well? These differences complement each other and are very important for a child's upbringing. Let us not confuse gay and paedophile here. If you are not ready to commit totally to your partner, how can you make a commitment to a child?

Should same sex couples be allowed to adopt

Read a selection of your comments below. Merlin, Czech Republic Sorry, but what cannot happen naturally, should not be allowed to happen at all. John, USA Mixed race couples were pioneers, as gay couples will be Rahul, UK If they give the child love and attention and give them everything they need then I'm in the yes camp. Homosexual relationships are even more unstable. However, does the data bear out this presumption? Alex, UK Adoption, is not simply a lifestyle choice, but a vital function in our society and should be promoted, and expanded urgently. However, at a public forum hosted by magazine Brigitte this week, the Chancellor said a lesbian constituent's invitation to visit the home where she and her partner were fostering eight children had forced her to question her outlook. Saying that gays cannot adopt because of a loving God who creates people he hates and despises is hypocrisy. Paul, UK It's sad to see comments from some who still consider homosexuals a dangerous influence on children. It pointed to studies finding higher than average abuse rates among heterosexual stepparent families compared with same-sex parents. The overwhelming majority do not last and usually end acrimoniously. I would also like to say that I am not tarring everyone with the same brush, as there are increasing numbers of supportive people in the community. I have no doubt that gay couples can make excellent parents and in many cases better parents than many heterosexual couples, but the a child must be given the opportunity of a stable 'natural' upbringing. Do you think gay couples should be allowed to adopt children? Stephanie Taylor, UK I am sorry but my answer must be a resounding no. There is loads of evidence of this. Both myself and my partner love my children to bits and we would do anything to ensure that they had the best start in life that I could give to them. Two thirds of the children attending my local school are from single-parent families. I always felt compelled to lie or obscure the details of my home life from my classmates and friends, while inviting people home was always a big deal because we didn't want people asking questions about the "mummy and mummy" situation. Again, children are not a commodity to be used in order to further the political agenda of the gay movement. Mark Braddock, UK Think of the children not the parents. The proposals would not grant every gay couple a child but they should be given the chance. Bullies will be there forever. A much wider scale of adoption has to be the way forward to a more caring society adoption. All kids act that way Many states in the USA allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt, and these adoptions have been intensively studied. Historically, the extended family and the wider community the "tribe" were involved in bringing up children, not just the two immediate parents.

Should same sex couples be allowed to adopt

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Same Sex Couple Discrimination + Lesbian Couple's Baby Registry

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  1. The world needs a little bit of TLC, and has a lot of growing up to do. Milburn said that no-one has the right to adopt but he believes vulnerable children should have the chance of stable family life by "widening the pool of potential adoptive parents".

  2. It pointed to studies finding higher than average abuse rates among heterosexual stepparent families compared with same-sex parents.

  3. Changing antiquated adoption laws will reflect a more progressive, tolerant society. Gay and lesbian families have to be fought for and want it possibly more than any others - the children know that they are loved and wanted.

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