The sex discrimination act of 1975

It is unlawful for an educational institution to: Indra decided to take the leave anyway as there was no one else to take care of her mother on this day. Non-traditional fields of work are sometimes denied to young women, despite their talent and qualifications. The denial of continued, equally favourable education to a pregnant student is likely to constitute discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy. If you feel unhappy about how things are progressing you can lodge a complaint with the Commission. What can you do about sex discrimination at work?

The sex discrimination act of 1975

This is also discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy. If the harasser is under 16 A complaint of sexual harassment cannot be made directly against the individual harasser if the person is under 16 years of age. As everyone has the right to feel comfortable at work, the posters are inappropriate for the workplace. Hypothetical Example Ruth was keen to play squash in the same local competition as Peter, with whom she trained. She is halfway home when the taxi driver turns around to face her and says "if you have sex with me, you can forget about the fare. It is not unlawful to exclude persons of one sex from participating in any competitive sporting activity in which the strength, stamina or physique of competitors is relevant. She had been employed with the club for over 18 months when she informed her supervisor that she was pregnant. Hypothetical Example Ann was employed in a small recreational club to carry out bar work and table service. This is an example of discrimination on the ground of potential pregnancy. Hypothetical Example Tracey is returning home in a taxi after an evening out. On her return to work she was told "pack up your desk, you no longer have a job here". This is discrimination on the ground of marital status. You are also entitled to return to work and your studies after you have given birth. Sex and Age Discrimination Legislation Amendment Act The Sex Discrimination Act was amended earlier this year to expand the protections against sex discrimination. You should be aware that such behaviour does not have to be directed specifically at you. Strengthening protections against sexual harassment in workplaces and schools and supporting claims of unlawful sexual harassment conducted through new technologies. It means it is unlawful for someone to treat you less favourably than another person because you are pregnant or may become pregnant. As she is looking through the premises, the real estate agent suggests they go out for a drink. Establishing breastfeeding as a separate ground of discrimination and allowing measures to protect and to accommodate the needs of breastfeeding mothers. So what about men? These amendments are an encouraging step forward to achieving gender equality in Australia. Over 30 years later women, on average, still earn less than men. Her supervisor asked her when she intended to stop working and commented "it doesn't look very nice with you doing table service while you are pregnant". Equal pay Women were granted equal pay for equal work in Your educational institution should have an established process for making a complaint and having it resolved. Her shifts were reduced from 36 hours per week to 9 hours without consultation. Once you turn 16 you are classed as an 'adult student' and need to be aware that legal action can be taken against you if you sexually harass another student or a teacher.

The sex discrimination act of 1975

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  1. Hypothetical Example During a job interview, Sarah was asked whether she intended to have children. This is an example of sexual harassment in the provision of accommodation.

  2. Female apprentices and trainees can often find themselves in male dominated industries where supervisors are unfamiliar with the management of discrimination.

  3. By another student Regardless of age, you have the right to lodge a complaint if you are sexually harassed by another student.

  4. It aims to promote gender equality and provide equal opportunities and protection to men just as well as women. SDA in the workplace In relation to employment the Act also aims to ensure that all employees receive equal opportunities of promotion and that their working conditions and training are the same.

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